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Superior Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando

If there’s one thing that everyone in Orlando can agree on, it’s that air conditioning is a necessary part of life. The weather here is hot and muggy. The humidity is intense. Orlando was, after all, built on a swamp.

So when people here buy air conditioning units, they expect them to work. Day in, day out. No questions asked. No stutters, no stops. And to make sure that that happens, they call Precision Air Solutions LLC for all their air conditioner repair services. Our highly trained and experienced HVAC professionals get the job done right, the first time. We don’t take chances. If you’re having problems with your air conditioning system, contact Precision Air Solutions LLC today!

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

Your AC Lost Its Cool

This one is pretty obvious. If your air conditioning isn’t making any cool air, there’s probably a problem with it. In some cases, you might find that the air is less cool than it used to be. That’s also a problem. It could be a compressor failure or that your unit’s Freon levels are very low. Best to call in an HVAC technician to check it out!

Weak Airflow

Is your ventilation system cooling down some rooms and not others? Is there little to no airflow at all? Don’t panic. You could have something obstructing your AC system’s ventilation shafts. Contact us, and we’ll be right over to give your ducts a good deep clean. By removing any debris or dust build-up, we can usually restore your AC system to its full potential.

Mysterious Moisture

Have you started to notice moisture around or near the base of your air conditioning unit? Or maybe you’ve noticed some rust and moisture residue? This could be a refrigerant leak and might pose a serious health risk to you and your loved ones. Alternatively, it could be that the condensation drain tube is blocked or broken. Get it fixed before you end up with water damage or a nasty mold problem.

Clanking, Clunking, Grinding, Squealing

If your air conditioner is making weird noises, you have a problem. Could be a busted fan. Could be a slipped belt. Could be broken bearings. Could be a lubrication issue. It’s impossible to know until we go in there and open it up. Get your AC unit repaired right away, or you could have to replace the whole thing.

Funky Smells

The last thing you want to notice when you check out your AC unit is a bad odor. If you’re noticing a pungent, sour, foul, or musty smell around your AC unit, it’s advisable to call Precision Air Solutions LLC and get it checked out. Because AC units use condensation to create cool air, they can build up mold if they are broken. This could pose a range of health risks for you and your family. Especially if you have central air circulation.

The Thermostat is Acting Up

Is your thermostat changing the temperature in your home without warning? If so it might not be a problem with your AC unit at all! You may have a faulty thermostat. Thankfully our HVAC technicians can repair and replace thermostats too.

Contact Orlando’s best HVAC contractors today to get a professional opinion on your air conditioning problem!