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It’s no secret that Orlando gets some of the hottest daytime temperatures in the lower 48. While we don’t envy our Northern neighbors who shiver and freeze for six to eight months of the year, we must admit that it gets a little rough in the summer when temperatures soar above 100 degrees. Anyone who’s tried to live without an air conditioner in Orlando quickly learns that it’s not a modern luxury, but a necessary for surviving the heat. A dip in the local pool can only do so much; you need a refuge from the wall of humidity that’ll hit you every time you step outdoors.

Most homeowners try to go the DIY route and find that installing an air conditioner unit isn’t as simple as it looks. Throw casement windows to the mix and you’ve got a solid plan for an afternoon that ends in tears. But it doesn’t have to be this way: Precision Air Solutions LLC offers affordable air conditioning installation no matter what your budget is. Whether you want to maximize your use and enjoyment out of your window or wall-mounted AC unit or want the cool relief that central air offers, we’re among the top air conditioning contractors in the state.

Window Air Conditioners, Wall-Mounted AC Units, and Portable AC

For people who want to stay cool while also keeping their budget in the black, Precision Air Solutions LLC can install a wide variety of smaller air conditioning units in windows, on walls, or with portable setups. You’ll save yourself time and energy, and pay only pennies on the dollar of the cost of your unit. Set up an appointment in advance and we can even be waiting to install it the day you pick it up from the store!

Just because you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on central air conditioning doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to stay cool when the mercury rises. We’re happy to help get you set up!

Central Air Conditioning

The most attractive option for most residents in Orlando is central air. Rather than cart your portable AC unit from room to room, imagine every room in your home being the same cool temperature. With the expert installation at affordable prices that Precision Air Solutions LLC offers, this vision becomes a reality, and without breaking the bank.

What’s The Average Cost to Have Air Conditioning Installed?

Some air conditioning contractors in Orlando take advantage of the sweltering summer heat to jack up their prices and leave their customers in the lurch. Precision Air Solutions LLC has a different approach: we simply provide the best service at competitive prices.

While every home is different, you can expect to pay as little as $50 to have your wall or window-mounted air conditioner installed. Because installing central air conditioning requires a significant amount of HVAC infrastructure, costs usually run into the thousands of dollars, but we do our absolute best to keep our prices as low as the temperature in your home.

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